Download Titanium TV for Android TV, Smart TV, Chromecast, ROKU, Nvidia Shield

Titanium TV for Android TV

Describe: Android TV is definitely one of the most preferred after the normal smart TV. It is the most affordable and elegant upgrade your television would get. Android will give you the benefit of accessing many more apps such as Netflix and YouTube as well as Amazon prime on your big screen television. Your dream of installing one of the most famous apps Titanium TV on your Android TV is going to come true. The benefits of this app is that you do not need to subscribe the app, it is free of cost. It does not eat up a lot of space on your device. It has a small and smooth interface.


  1. Select your browser on your Android TV and search for the Titanium link from the official website. You will get the latest Titanium TV APK a file.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, go back to your home screen and select the ‘Apps’ section from your menu.
  3. A list of options will be displayed on your screen. You will have to look for the option ‘Local Disk’ and select it.
  4. The file you downloaded from your browser will appear in this section. From this section you can click it and then select install options.
  5. The Titanium app will be installed on your screen very soon which you can easily locate. You can from now start using it and watch your favorite tv series.


The post would have cleared all your doubts once you proceed to every step. Titanium is the easiest to install on your Android tv than installing it on your Smart TV. It makes it a very useful app. It will allow you to use and access all the movies you will enjoy on a Sunday with your popcorn.

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Titanium TV for SMART TV

Description: Titanium TV is one of the fastest rising video streaming application. After the vanish of Terrarium TV from the markets, Titanium TV is very close to taking its rank. Titanium TV is a place where you can stream your favorite movie, TV series for free. Titanium TV is also one of the fastest streaming and the most reliable TV.


  • First of all you should have a smart TV. Once you have that, you can switch on your TV. Connect your fire stick and then switch on your TV simultaneously. Once you switch it on, you will be able to see your option “My Fire TV”
  • Select My device or My fire TV from your options
  • Once you select the options, you will be able to view something known as ‘My developer options.’ Select that.
  • In the submenu of the ‘My developer options’ you will view a panel known as Apps from Unknown Sources. You need to make sure that it is switched on.
  • After switching it on, you can safely return back to your home page. Enter the search bar and then install ‘MX Player’ because you will be using this to stream your movies.
  • To download apps like MX Player, you need to have a ‘Downloader’ first. It ban be installed by going to chrome or your browser.
  • Once your downloader is installed, you will have to select that and enter its settings. In the settings, your job is to enable to JavaScript because it is important that it allows you download apps from other sources and codes.
  • Go back to your chrome, look for the Titanium TV URL. Copy the URL and past it in your downloader home page. Press download
  • The download will shorty start.
  • Once it is downloaded, start it and click all the installing options and permissions the app asks for. Once you give them the permission, you can press the final installation by which the device will be installed.


The Titanium movie APK has introduced fixed the bugs which have been slowing down the application. The Exo players, which was not working before is now working after the update. It has introduced the 4.1 support and has fixed icons. The three-dot menu has been removed. MX player has been made the default player.

Titanium TV for CHROMECAST

Description: The Titanium TV is very compatible with everything LIKE Firestick, Fire TV, Windows, PC/MAC Computer and chromecast. It will give you an opportunity to watch your favorite movie on your screen. Chromecast will make this job for you a smooth process and make your life a lot more easier. It is a great support.


  1. As soon as you switch on your firestick, you will have to download and install Google Home on your Device. You will need this to connect your chromecast. Your Android connection and the chromecast is supposed to be connected to the same wifi.
  2. After you connect both the parts, you care supposed to launch Titanium TV on your smartphone. After you install the app, you can navigate the movie you would want to watch. Once you click on your movie you will see the ‘Sharing’ logo by which you will be opening it on your Google Home. You will be able to view the Chromecast logo on your device.
  3. Once you click on the chromecast logo, you will be able the film on that and can now relax and watch it.


Chromecast is one of the most simple steps to stream your favorite movie through chromecast. You are probably not going to face any issues regarding all streaming your favorite movies. You might want to find help through YouTube videos and get some more tips.

Titanium TV FOR ROKU

Describe: Past time is the synonym of Movie time. You cannot relax without the perfect movie at the end of the day. The hectic schedules set up for us will be relieved by watching your favorite movie with the chilled beer in your hand. To support the peace we all deserve, internet is ever present. Titanium TV is one of the best applications that will help you install the applications.


  1. For using Titanium on Roku, you will have to install Titanium TV APK on your file on your device.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, you will have to select and tap on the app. This will lead to the installation of the app after which it will launch. After that, you will again have to go to your browser an hen download the application named “Local Cast”
  3. Once the Local Cast app is installed, a casting icon in yellow color will be displayed on your screen. On that, the screen will display all the available apps which are up for screening. Locate your Titanium TV and you can then watch over Roku.
  4. Once you click on the movie you want to watch, there will be displayed by which you can tap the option Roku and it will start streaming on the right device.


Following these simple steps will give you the bliss of watching your favorite film. Although watching through roku is normally avoided due to some inconveniences caused. Other than that, it works just fine and will give you a premium experience and a good weekend.


Description: The application is one of the most popular and used to watch and stream the latest movies and TV Series. It is currently ranking the charts right now and leading the race. You do not need to register and subscribe for this channel or application. The simple installation steps will make the procedure smooth.


Method: Through ES File Explorer

  1. Connect your TV or desktop with Nvidia Shield. The internet connection used by the TV and your Nvidia Shield should be the same. The method cannot be done offline either. You will have to also go to the settings and then enable the unknown sources option.
  2. Then, install ES File explorer from your google play on the Shield TV. This is to be done after all the connections are installed. Once the ES Launcher is installed, launch it and then paste the Titanium TV APK URL.
  3. The web page will load up on its own and then you will view the option of download now. After downloading it, you will be able to view it in the ES File explorer section.
  4. Head to downloads and then tap on the APK File to install it on your Shield TV. The Titanium TV will be installed and within minutes you will be able to access it to watch your favorite film.


These are the simple steps to install Titanium TV APK on your Shield. The best thing about this is its stunning visuals and the best quality pictures. The audio of the shield is in Dolby atmos and will give you an almost theatre experience. It gives you the fastest processor and a snappy performance. It is one of the most versatile product in the market.

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