Download Titanium TV for FireStick

Get Titanium TV FOR FireStick by following this simple guide. Titanium TV is one of the fastest rising video streaming application. After the vanish of Terrarium TV from the markets, Titanium TV is very close to taking its rank. Titanium TV is a place where you can stream your favorite movie, TV series for free. Titanium TV is also one of the fastest streaming and the most reliable TV.

titanium tv for firestick

How to Install Titanium TV ON FIRE STICK AND FIRE TV

Even though installing the Titanium TV is a hectic process, it will be worth your while with all the features and installments it provides. If you follow the steps below properly, it will not get messy at any point.

STEP 1: First of all you should have a smart TV. Once you have that, you can switch on your TV. Connect your fire stick and then switch on your TV simultaneously. Once you switch it on, you will be able to see your option “My Fire TV”

STEP 2: Select My device or My fire TV from your options

STEP 3: Once you select the options, you will be able to view something known as ‘My developer options.’ Select that.

STEP 4: In the submenu of the ‘My developer options’ you will view a panel known as Apps from Unknown Sources. You need to make sure that it is switched on.

STEP 5: After switching it on, you can safely return back to your home page. Enter the search bar and then install ‘MX Player’ because you will be using this to stream your movies.

STEP 6: To download apps like MX Player, you need to have a ‘Downloader’ first. It ban be installed by going to chrome or your browser.

STEP 7: Once your downloader is installed, you will have to select that and enter its settings. In the settings, your job is to enable to JavaScript because it is important that it allows you download apps from other sources and codes.

STEP 8: Go back to your chrome, look for the Titanium TV URL. Copy the URL and past it in your downloader home page. Press download

STEP 9: The download will shorty start.

STEP 10: Once it is downloaded, start it and click all the installing options and permissions the app asks for. Once you give them the permission, you can press the final installation by which the device will be installed.

That’s the whole process. The Titanium TV has been installed on your device. You can now enjoy all your favorite movies for free on your TV screen.


  1. It allows the use of alternate players to play its movies and TV series.
  2. You will not have to struggle for merging subtitles. It is an easy process with Titanium TV. Every film or series provided by this application has ready subtitles.
  3. The quality of the videos provided by the app is fantastic. It comes with superior and premium video quality..
  4. The videos stream fast and does not use up with all your internet. Its servers are quiet smooth and faster.
  5. It does not lack behind when it comes to the latest movies. The series and movies are released regularly and it gives a very tough competition to Amazon primes with respect to releasing up to date films.

Titanium Movie APK

The Titanium movie APK has introduced fixed the bugs which have been slowing down the application. The Exo players, which was not working before is now working after the update. It has introduced the 4.1 support and has fixed icons. The three dot menu has been removed. MX player has been made the default player.

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